Morels is the creative page of Steve Pirani, who is writing this now.

I named this after morel mushrooms, which can't be cultivated, are highly prized, and take time and effort to find. In my experience, creativity and morels have a lot in common (though only one can be sautéed in butter.)

I don't intend this site to be a diary, or a blog, or anything like that. If I posted everything I wrote (or drew, or whatever'd), there'd be a lot of  insufferable garbage on this site. There might still be. The point is, I'm going to try and keep this strictly the things I am happy with.

Oh, also: You won't find any resumes here. If that's what you want, click my name in the header above to go to my "professional" website.

The homepage will always feature the latest "something" I want you to see, whether that's a poem, photo, painting, or whatever. When something new takes its place, that previous thing moves to the archive grid. There's no schedule, but I hope you'll stop by occasionally to see what's up.

I'm glad you're here.

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